Ultimate Custom Jewelry Design Experience

Ever dream of designing your own jewelry? With our new Ultimate Custom Jewelry Design Experience, you can!

Our design lounge includes more than 100 pieces of jewelry - out of the showcase - that you can try on. Use the cutting-edge 3D design software to customize every detail of the jewelry from stone size, shape, and color to extensive design changes. It's fun!

Once you are satisfied with your masterpiece, Diamond In The Rough Jewelers will create it. You receive a totally unique, one-of-a-kind piece, that you designed!

This innovative new custom jewelry design system is only available at select jeweler stores across the country. It has already become the hot new trend in custom jewelry. Shopping for jewelry will never be the same again when you can do more than just browse for jewelry, you can help create it at Diamond In The Rough Jewelers.

Stop in today for a free, no-obligation design session.